“Loving vineyards”: a new must-have for wealthy Bordeaux wine lovers?

The agent of Vineyards-Bordeaux stated that more and more so-called “hobby vineyards” are entering the French wine industry market, aimed at wealthy lovers seeking lifestyle changes.
Although the dream of wine lovers to own a vineyard is not new, more entrepreneurs are renovating properties to sell them to wealthy collectors for millions of euros.

According to Vineyards-Bordeaux, a vineyard-loving vineyard in the Bordeaux region usually starts with about three hectares of vines.
Potential buyers are passionate about quality wines. They care about finding quality terroirs, especially in regions with poor reputations, but they are less sensitive to profitability, Baynes said.
Usually, “people with a lot of money want to make very little wine according to their taste.”
Some buyers are also interested in allocating part of the wine to specific places. Others may sign agreements with local cooperatives to outsource winemaking operations.
Vineyards-Bordeaux currently lists a seven-hectare “hobby vineyard” property for just under 1.38 million euros, including 3.76 hectares of AOC Graves grapes planted on Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.
AOC Bergerac (AOC Bergerac) has a larger castle with a larger estate listed for approximately,which guarantees its lifestyle, but “limited responsibility for management and wine distribution.”
Baines said that about 1.5 million euros usually buy a real estate that needs to be renovated to varying degrees. Between 2 million and 3 million euros, or even higher, “someone will do it for you.”
According to data from the French Land Agency Safer, the average price of a hectare of grape vines in Pauillac or Pomerol in 2019 was 2.3 million euros and 1.9 million euros, respectively.
In comparison, the price of Cadillac Bordeaux vineyards is 16,000 euros per hectare (hectares), which is 11% lower than in 2018, although the price may be as high as 22,000 euros per hectare-highlighting that in general, buyers are expected to Pay more for the precious terroir.
Bordeaux Chateau Aoc Wines,Domestically, due to concerns about how small family producers manage inheritance taxes and other inheritance-related costs, the rise in vineyard prices in France’s most prestigious production regions has been a topic of repeated discussion.

Post time: Oct-20-2020
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