Koya Brandy takes the details to the extreme

In the last century, Martell, Remy Martin, Hennessy and other foreign wine brandies have transformed and opened up to the public. They represent luxury and symbolize wealth, and the French Cognac region where these brandy estates are located is also famous all over the world. However, in the 21st century, the then chief brewer of the French Cognac Cognac, Olivier Bottes, the global brandy giant, after tasting the Coja brandy, repeatedly exclaimed: “How can it be done so well? Any defects, Farah. Bin should have a sense of crisis!” At the same time, there are also world brandy production giants such as France and Italy.
CHANGYU Koya XO oak ageing 10 years,Since then,  Brandy has actively explored and innovated, gradually realized the overall upgrade of its products, and established a clear grade standard and quality benchmark for the domestic brandy industry. , China’s high-end brandy, represented by Kea brandy, is well-known throughout the country, leading the Chinese market.

         Brewing an excellent brandy relies on the valuable experience of the winemaker and strict quantitative monitoring to form a synergy. When it comes to Kea brandy, one cannot fail to mention the chief master of brandy in China, Ms. Zhang Baochun, the winemaker of Kea brandy. In 2006, in order to better develop high-end brandy, Changyu established a specialized company focusing on technology research and product development of high-end cognac brandy. Zhang Baochun led the team to develop high-end brandy products.
         What makes “Coya Brandy”? In Zhang Baochun’s opinion, there are only two words, and that is “harshness”. In order to pursue perfection, Zhang Baochun’s R&D team has used “harshness” to the extreme in every detail. From grapes, fermentation, distillation, aging, detection to finished products, Zhang Baochun turned to the team system in terms of the preliminary process line and horizontal related influencing factors, and carefully studied various factors such as the characteristics of the original wine, the type of barrel, the operation process, and the aging time. These studies have only analyzed the relationship and influence between them, and the various data collected have reached more than 20,000, won the national patent in one fell swoop, and broke through 17 key process points. This core technology research system has pushed Chinese brandy technology to a new level and greatly improved the previous brandy production technology and product quality control capabilities.
         In March 2019, in the global brandy XO showdown hosted by the world-renowned professional alcohol trade media “Drinks Business”, Kaya Brandy Barrel Zang won the “Blind Tasting Champion” for 15 years. Spanning a hundred years, Keya Brandy has given the voice of “Chinese Brandy” in the world, and once again wrote a glorious chapter of Chinese Brandy! This is the honor of Keya and the pride of Made in China!
         The president and winemaker of Farabin, which has the reputation of “Rolls-Royce of Cognac”, highly admire Coja brandy. They are very surprised that such quality brandy can be brewed in China. They even admired the concept of Changyu Brandy brewing, and believed that Changyu and Cognac were the same on the main line of craftsmanship. As a result, Kea Brandy has broken down into the ranks of the world’s top brandies, and is on the same podium as Martell, Remy Martin, Hennessy and other world famous brands.

Post time: Oct-20-2020
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