End of 2019: Top 10 key words of Changyu

Time like wine, time like tide!

Unconsciously, we will wave goodbye to 2019

National language resources monitoring and Research Center

Selected “Chinese inventory 2019″

The word “stable” was elected as the word of the year

“My country and I” was elected annual speech

Full of enthusiasm to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China

Move forward steadily

It’s also the key word of Changyu’s year

Good or bad

The end of 2019 will be the past

But the precious memories

It will benefit us for life

What highlights does Changyu have to look back on this year?

Let’s take stock of 10 key words


① Changyu Noble Dragon was selected as the top 5 in the world


In the 2019 global best-selling wine brand blind competition hosted by drinks business magazine, Changyu Noble Dragon (selected level) was selected as one of the “top 5 global best-selling wine brands” with outstanding achievements. In addition, according to the results summary released after the competition, three world wine Masters (MW) scored more than 90 points for Changyu Noble Dragon!


② Koya brandy becomes the global champion of blind tasting wine products


At the global benchmark brandy XO blind tasting ceremony held in prowein wine exhibition, Changyu’s Koya XO 15 years won the championship with 93.8 points, leading the world famous wines such as Remy Martin XO, ferrabin XO, Martell XO, Napoleon XO and Hennessy XO in French cognac production area.


③ Chateau Changyu Moser XV was awarded “best Chinese wine chateau”


In the Spring Festival of Mundus vini in 2019, Chateau Changyu Moser XV Grand Vin 2015 of Chateau Changyu Moser XV stands out from 7200 entries from 156 regions around the world, won the grand gold award, and was rated as “best show of China”. With the products of Changyu golden ice Valley winery, Changyu won 5 Gold Awards in total.


④ Chateau Killikanon won the “Best Competition Award”


In the 2019 decanter world wine competition, Shiraz, 1865 old vines from attanga vineyard, 2014, won the best in show award!


⑤ Changyu Noble Dragon was named Asia’s top 1


At the award ceremony of “2019 Singapore Golden character brand award and the first top ten leading brands in China / Asia’s top brands”, Changyu Noble Dragon was selected as “top one red wine brand in Asia” by Singapore Lianhe morning post.

⑥ Changyu won X Gold Awards


At the 26th Brussels International Wine Grand Prix (CMB), Chateau Changyu Castel Chardonnay Dry White 2016 and Chateau Changyu Moser XV Blanc De Noir Dry White 2018 won the gold medal!


In addition, in the decanter 2019 world wine competition, Chateau Changyu Moser XV Blanc De Noir Dry White 2018 won the gold medal with a score of 95 points; the 2017 Zardoz Cabernet Sauvignon of Changyu’s Chateau Indomita also won the double gold medal in the 2019 Japanese Cherry Blossom women’s wine competition



① Changyu’s global brand is more popular than Lafite


According to the report on the globalization of Chinese enterprise brands released by the Xinhua News Agency lookout think tank, the Internet search popularity scores of Changyu and Lafite in the global market in the past year are 0.064 and 0.068 respectively, and the global brand popularity of Changyu is comparable to Lafite!


② On March 20, Changyu and advini SA, the only wine listed company in France, jointly acquired the Chateau lason, a family name Chateau located in upper Medoc, Bordeaux, France. This is the third chateau in France controlled by Changyu after Franco and chateau Mirefleaurs.


③ Chateau Changyu Moser XV is included in the new edition of world wine map


The eighth edition of the world wine map, CO authored by Hugh Johnson and Jesse Robinson, a world-famous wine critic, and the “China Chapter” distribute the night view pictures of Chateau Changyu Moser XV in Ningxia. Under the brilliant light, the towering Chateau is magnificent, like a palace in a dream.


④ Chateau Atrio appears in CCTV2 special program


The “half an hour” special program, “guide for investment in all directions”, is broadcast by CCTV financial channel (CCTV2). It is a story about the combination of Spanish wine market and China’s “one belt and one road” investment, which is specially taken to the Spanish famous Lai Ho production area, which is called Chateau Atrio.


Winemaker of Chateau Atrio interviewed by CCTV


① Strategic cooperation with JD, sprint 3 years and 1 billion


On August 29, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Jingdong supermarket and Changyu and the Establishment Ceremony of Jingdong experience center of Changyu pioneer training college were held in Beijing. Changyu and Jingdong have reached a consensus that the two sides will achieve the sales target of 1 billion yuan in Jingdong Mall in more than three years from the date of signing the agreement to the end of 2022.


② Changyu’s strategy and Tencent’s search for millions of spokesmen


On October 23, at the Vinexpo exhibition held in Shanghai, Changyu officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Tencent to jointly launch the “development plan for millions of spokesmen of Chinese wine”. It is planned to use Tencent’s big data tools to make accurate user portraits for Chinese wine, cultivate tens of millions of fans and dig out millions of Chinese wine spokesmen.


③ Join hands with Suning to accelerate Omni channel layout and digital transformation


On December 20, Changyu and Suning held a signing ceremony for strategic cooperation in Nanjing. According to the agreement signed by the two sides, Suning will maximize the integration and opening of various resources to empower Changyu’s all series of products, help Changyu accelerate the digital transformation, and will use sports resources to provide strong support for the landing of Changyu’s million spokesperson program; Changyu will provide Suning with exclusive product agency, market support, winery tourism resources opening, wine education base, etc Substantial help, jointly promote Changyu to become the largest brand of Suning platform in the operation of wine, brandy and imported wine.


Sun Jian, general manager of Changyu signed strategic cooperation with Bian Nong, vice president of Suning fast consumer group


① Officially signed a contract with ASC to jointly operate high-end channels


On March 21, Changyu and ASC (Saint Pierre boutique wine industry) signed an official contract: ASC became the agent of Chateau Changyu Moser XV directly providing high-end chain catering and international five-star hotel chain in China. In the future, Changyu will cooperate with ASC to enter more international five-star hotels, Michelin restaurants and other high-end channels.


② Join hands with PetroChina Kunlun to be hospitable and refuel for a better life


CNPC Kunlun hospitality leading delegation visited Changyu company, and general manager Sun Jian warmly received guests from afar. Both sides reached consensus on the future strategic cooperation goals. In the near future, consumers can buy Changyu Wine in 19000 COSCO Kunlun hospitality convenience stores.



① Zenithwirl Mosca rises to the market


On March 20, the activity of “shaking Zenithwirl – new wine tasting in 2018 and Mosca holding up to go to the market” was staged in Chengdu Red Art Museum. 50 groups of red tennis players punch cards. They are released by the fashionable fashion talent show to help drunken Shi Xian sparkling wine, and stir up millions of fans to turn to Chengdu.



② New products of Changyu Castel G2 are unveiled


On June 29, experts and media friends from China Wine Association, wine professional colleges and universities, as well as dealers and wine lovers from all over the country gathered in Changyucaster winery to witness the amazing appearance of Changyucaster G2 new wine.


③ Chateau Rena R2 new product debut


In July 2019, Changyu released R2 new product in Shaanxi Chateau Rena. The new product uses fashionable orange as the color of wine label and more than 20 kinds of oak barrels for mixed brewing, which is more balanced.


④ Vini panda & long tail cat flash release


On October 23, at the Vinexpo exhibition held in Shanghai, Changyu released the new wine brand long tail cat and as many as seven new products of Vini panda. A group of “situational marching” flash shows composed of “Panda” and “long tailed cat” appeared in the exhibition hall of Changyu, which also let the guests immersively feel the new flavor of Chinese wine’s youth.





1. Enter Michelin 3-star van den restaurant in Germany.


Chateau Changyu Moser XV Grand Vin, Chateau Changyu Moser XV Famliy Dry Red and Chateau Changyu Moser XV Blanc De Noir, and Changyu’s Golden Valley Ice Wine successfully entered the Restaurant Vendome, Germany.


② Enter brasserieof light in London


In the London landmark of “luxury Museum” Selfridge department store, the wine list of brasserieof light restaurant lists Chateau Changyu Moser XV dry red 2015 , and Chateau Changyu Moser XV Blanc De Noir, is about to be added.


③ Enter the Ivy Asia Restaurant in London


Ivy Asia, a newly opened restaurant opposite St Paul’s Cathedral in London, offers three wines from Ningxia, China, including Chateau Changyu Moser XV Grand Vin 2016 , Chateau Changyu Moser XV Fmaliy 2016 , Chateau Changyu Moser XV Blanc De Noir 2018.



Chile’s president Pinera, who attended the second summit of the International Cooperation Forum on “one belt and road” in Beijing, held the CEO meeting of Sino Chile enterprises in April 25th. Changyu’s Indomita, two good wines from Chile as banquet wine.


Zhou Hongjiang, chairman of Changyu company, introduced Changyu wine to President Pinera. Later, on the “opening day of Chilean Embassy in China” held in August, the pioneer international wine industry of Changyu’s imported wine brand operation company was invited to participate with Indomita, and appeared in the first Chilean food market “opening day of Chilean Embassy in China”.


② Changyu’s winery has become the wine for National Day reception of many countries. In addition, Changyu’s Spanish Chateau Atrio has become the wine for National Day reception of Spanish Embassy in China in October 2019. In December, Changyu’s French Liverson and Mirefleaurs products have become the wine for National Day reception of Thai Embassy in China.


③ Changyu Wine appeared in the Eighth China Japan South Korea leaders’ meeting


On December 24, the Eighth China Japan South Korea leaders’ meeting was held in Chengdu. Chateau Changyu Moser XV dry red wine and Changyu Afip Chardonnay Dry White wine became welcome luncheon wine.



① Changyu releases several brandy items


On March 21, Changyu released a number of brandy strategic pieces, forming a matrix of four brands, namely Koya, five-star series, Minni and paiger.


② “China’s first brandy Chateau” opened


On June 28, Chateau Changyu Koya , the first brandy winery in China, officially opened.




③ China brandy Research Institute settled in Koya


China brandy Research Institute established and landed in Koya brandy winery. The research institute aims to promote the internationalization and globalization of Chinese brandy, and comprehensively improve the level of brandy research and personnel training, which plays an important role.


④ Establishment of Changyu brandy wine appraisal committee


On October 18, Changyu announced the policy of buying back brandy and established “Changyu brandy appraisal committee” for identification and supervision, and launched a number of Koya Memorial wines and vintage wines.





① Changyu and her two sisters create a national tide CP


On May 10, when the “China brand day” designated by the State Council came, Changyu and her two younger sisters formed Guochao CP, which was listed as “tmall’s national product grand prize” and launched the joint customized jiebanna, bringing you a more fashionable and fashionable experience of domestic products.


② Changyu Noble Dragon X “Chinese captain” pays homage to Chinese heroes


When “Chinese captain” was released during the national day, Changyu launched a customized version of “Chinese captain” with the theme of “respect for Chinese heroes”. Two Chinese style creative posters of “Chinese captain” were selected as the wine label, one is the bamboo picture of bear cat play in ink style, which means “you have your heart ready”; the other is the landscape picture of blue and white porcelain style, which means “you have your heart ready”; the other is the landscape picture of blue and white porcelain style“ Save the country from danger.


③ Changyu X’s diplomatic situation pays tribute to the 70th anniversary of new China


In the TV series “diplomatic situation”, which shows the diplomatic history of new China in a panoramic way, many scenes are taken from the “1892 club” at the original site of Changyu company, namely the former residence of Zhang Bishi.


④ Late night dining hall by Changyu


In August this year, Changyu Noble Dragon cooperated with the movie “late night canteen” to jointly customize the topic of wandering and heal the tired mind of busy urbanites.




① Changyu Wine class enters the Ministry of Finance


On January 7, Changyu Wine entered the Ministry of Finance and conducted a special wine knowledge training for the students of the “Senior Financial English training course for foreign financial talents of the Ministry of finance”.


In December, Changyu Wine class also went to the Ministry of Commerce of the people’s Republic of China to bring special wine knowledge training for colleagues from the Foreign Affairs Department of the Ministry of Commerce.


② Changyu Wine enters Cambridge University


In March this year, the University of Cambridge Wine Association (cuws) held a Chinese wine tasting for the first time to taste the full range of products produced by Chateau Changyu Moser XV and feel the charm of Chinese wine.


③ Enter Fudan and Tsinghua University and celebrate the world Gernischt day


On May 25, 2019, “world Gernischt day”, Changyu walked into Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Nanjing University, China Agricultural University, northwest agricultural and Forestry University of science and technology and other well-known universities. Under the leadership of professional teachers, students of various universities and Gernischt made all-round close contact, making more people fall in love with Chinese wine. In October 2019, it coincides with the 100th anniversary of Nankai University’s founding. It has been the only wine to appear at the banquet, and witnessed the highlight time of Nankai University with its alumni.


④ The first president class of Changyu business school begins


The first president’s class of Changyu business school, tailored for the strategic partner of Changyu Cabernet, was held in Beijing Changyu eifferg winery from June 10 to 12. The courses include enterprise module, industry module and professional module. Robert Joseph, a famous British wine critic and founder of the International Wine Challenge (IWC), as the rotating Dean of Changyu business school, attended the class to give lectures.


Along the way, I sincerely thank you for your support and company. Changyu has been able to keep moving forward and show you a better face. We can only repay your love with high-quality wine and better performance in 2020.


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