Brandy taste

The degree of brandy is between 40-43 degrees (the general international standard for blended brandy is 42-43 degrees). Although it is a strong wine, it has a soft taste and pure aroma after long aging. People enjoy it with elegance and comfort. Brandy has a beautiful amber color and is attractive, and its long history has given it a layer of mystery.
The internationally popular brandy has an alcohol volume fraction of about 40%. The color is golden and shiny, with elegant and delicate grape fruit aroma and rich aging woody aroma. The taste is sweet, mellow and flawless, with a lingering aftertaste.
1. Brandy has an elegant and mellow taste with a special aroma.
The aromatic substances in brandy first come from raw materials. The famous French Kognac brandy is brewed from the fine grapes of Bai Yuni, Bai Fuer and Grumba from the Cognac region. These fine grape varieties contain unique aromas, which are fermented and distilled to obtain the original brandy. Original brandy refers to brandy that is obtained by distillation and has not yet been blended.
There is another source of the elegant aroma of high-quality brandy, and it is a very important source, that is, oak barrels. The original brandy is stored in oak barrels and undergoes a series of changes to become elegant, soft, full-bodied, and mature. In the wine industry, this is called “natural maturation”. In the process of “natural maturity”, two changes occur: one is a change in color, and the other is a change in taste. The original brandy is white. It continuously extracts the woody components of the oak barrels during storage, and the tannins contained in the brandy are oxidized. After five years, ten years or even longer, it gradually turns into golden yellow and deep. Golden yellow to strong tea color. The newly distilled original brandy tastes pungent and lacks in aroma. It extracts the aroma of oak from the lignin of oak barrels and combines with the aroma produced by oxidation of its own tannins to form a unique and wonderful aroma of brandy.
2. There is another extremely important procedure for qualified brandy, which is blending. Blending, also known as blending, is the finishing touch of brandy production. It makes the wine’s sensory, aroma and taste to achieve a high degree of harmony and unity. How to mix is ​​the secret of each wine manufacturer, each of which has its own formula and its own mixing experts. As a brandy blending master, you not only need in-depth winemaking knowledge and rich practical experience, but also an extremely sensitive sense of smell, taste and artistic appreciation. Brandy has a characteristic, it is not afraid of dilution. Putting white water in the brandy will keep the flavor unchanged and reduce the alcohol content. Therefore, people often put ice cubes, mineral water or soda water when drinking brandy. There are more teas, and the more precious the tea is, the better. The aroma of brandy and the fragrance of tea have strong national characteristics.

Post time: Apr-28-2021
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