1949-2019: My Motherland and I


Changyu Wine was chosen for the closing dinner of the First Plenary Session of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.

The grape harvested by Changyu Company this year produces 26.38 tons of wine.


With the aim of “abiding by strict labor discipline, improving work efficiency, giving full play to correct working attitude and rewarding production models”, we have launched team labor competitions. In the first half and the second half of the year, we have held “evaluation and award conferences” respectively.


The Bureau of Organs Affairs under the State Council drafted the Request Report on the Improvement Measures for Reception Work in the Future. The state banquet wines listed included “domestic wines” and “brandy made by Yantai Changyu Company”. Premier Zhou instructed, “Agree. All hospitality must be made in China and must be frugal and simple.


Changyu Company donated CNY 448,000 of condolences to the Chinese People’s Congress of Resistance Against America and Aid Korea, which was published in People’s Daily. The Chinese People’s Congress of Resistance Against America and Aid Korea directly received the statistical tables of condolences from all provinces and municipalities in the country.

China National Monopoly Corporation organizes a wine appraisal party in Beijing (historically known as the first national wine appraisal party). The results of the appraisal were considered and approved by the National Monopoly Conference. N was named “Eight Famous Wines”, including the Golden Award Brandy, Red Rose and Vermouth of Changyu Company.


General Xu Shiyou, commander of the Third Corps of the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army, led his troops to North Korea to bring Changyu Fine brandy to the battlefield.

Five wine-making technicians were selected from North Korea to study grape brewing and analytical techniques in Changyu Company for one year.


Soviet Ministry of Agriculture inspected Changyu Company’s West Mountain Vineyard by the deputy director of the Internal Quarantine Department and plant protection expert Oblerensky. The control methods of Rhizomatous aphid diseases and insect pests were passed on.

Premier Zhou took the Brandy of the Changyu fine Brandy to Geneva and hosted international friends during the Geneva Conference. He was called “Brandy Diplomacy of Fine Brandy”.


During the 2nd Sino-German Technical and Scientific Cooperation Conference held in Berlin, at the request of the German side (East Germany), the Ministry of Light Industry included the “Vermouth Brewing Technology” of Changyu Company in the technical assistance project of China. With the approval of Premier Zhou, China Technological Import and Export Corporation transmitted the technical information and sample wine provided by Changyu Company to Germany.


In March, the Ministry of Light Industry presented to Chairman Mao “Yantai Changyu Grape Brewery Company Production Report”, Chairman Mao gave instructions: “We should vigorously develop grape and wine production, so that people can drink more wine.”

With the approval of Premier Zhou, the Ministry of Light Industry allocated 650,000 yuan to Changyu Company to “improve the quality of famous wines”.


In the western suburbs of Yantai, the West Shawan vineyard was developed and 250 mu of grapes were planted.

The People’s Daily (August 14, 1957, 5th edition) published the description of Yantai Wenwen: “When a batch of wines leave the factory, seven people sit around the table and taste together, and then each of them scores the color, aroma and taste of the wine.”


Entrusted by the Ministry of Light Industry, Changyu University of Wine Brewing was founded to train talents for wineries all over the country. Its name was inscribed by Shu Tong, the first Secretary of Shandong Provincial Party Committee at that time.

Technical personnel were selected to participate in the construction of Shandong Grape Test Station (the predecessor of Shandong Grape Research Institute).



The first automatic labeling machine in China has been developed, which can label 2400-3000 bottles per hour, increasing work efficiency three times.

The 10th anniversary of the National Day dedication film “Song of Youth” appeared Changyu fine  brandy.

“Before the national day, Changyu company, Yantai City, Shandong Province, transported 100000 KG of various famous wines to the capital,” Xinhua reported in a photo on September 25.

“Changyu – Chinese Famous Liquor” is advertised in Hong Kong’s Ta Kung Pao.


On May 30, Marshal Lin Biao, Vice-Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Vice-Chairman of the Central Military Commission and Minister of Defence, inspected Changyu Company.


“People’s Daily” (September 23, 1961, eighth edition) published “Mid-Autumn Festival Taste Famous Wine”, describing Changyu’s vineyard: “Grapes are good, names are beautiful, such as agate red, pinnacle, Cabernet Sauvignon, etc., as if you were introduced to jewelry stores, jewelry gas, dazzling.


To undertake the first wine technology cooperation conference in East China.

Draft Five-Year Plan for the Self-operated Raw Material Base of Yantai Changyu Brewery Company was formulated.


Chengli Bank of Hong Kong distributes Red Rose Red Wine, White Rose White Wine, Vermouth, Golden Prize Brandy produced by Changyu Company.

At the 2nd National Wine Appraisal Conference held in Beijing, the Golden Award Brandy, Red Rose Red Wine and Vermouth were once again awarded “Chinese Famous Wine”.


Changyu Fine Brandy was shipped to Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Overseas Chinese Daily published Changyu fine Brandy Transport Port of Shandong Changyu Wine Company: “When Mr. Sun Yat-sen visited Changyu Wine Company in Yantai in the past, he praised the Changyu fine Brandy in particular, and wrote the inscription”Savoring Liquan”.


Establish a central laboratory.

The compiling group of Wine Technology went to Changyu Company for technical staff’s review opinions. The book was published by Light Industry Publishing House in December 1965.


The name of the company was changed to “Yantai Grape Wine Company”, and the English name of the product was gradually changed to Chinese Pinyin.

The fine brandy label added the cover design of “Old Three Articles” (“Yugong Moves Mountains”, “Commemorating Bethune”, “Serving the People”).


Golden Prize brandy exports 17.63 tons, exporting countries and regions are: Hong Kong 7.45 tons, Singapore 5.53 tons, Congo 2.01 tons, Cambodia 1.72 tons, Macao 0.71 tons, Britain 0.21 tons.


Reception of the Albanian Women’s Delegation.

The export volume of vermouth is 16.4 tons, and the export countries and regions are 12.95 tons in Hong Kong, 1.75 tons in Macao, 1.42 tons in Singapore and 0.28 tons in Japan.


Restore the Party’s general branch.

Wine export 53.4 tons, export countries and regions are: the United Kingdom 28.56 tons, Hong Kong 14.68 tons, the Netherlands 4.18 tons, Belgium 3.10 tons, Macao 2.38 tons, Japan 0.27 tons, Congo 0.23 tons.


Grape wine essence was treated with ion exchange resin.


“Chinese brandy” was introduced. The font was taken from Chairman Mao’s handwriting, and the wine logo was the woodcut prints of the PLA and the workers holding aloft the Selected Works of Mao Zedong. The following quotation was printed by Chairman Mao: “Military and civilian unity is like one person, try to see who can be the enemy in the world”.


To undertake the research project of Quality Brandy and Whisky by Ministry of Light Industry.


With the thawing of Sino-US relations, 1,000 boxes of wine and brandy were exported to the United States. American importer is Huntington Rice Liquor Company, California.


The Brandy Research Group translated “Research on Aromatic Substances Affecting Musk Grapes” by the Institute of Biochemistry, Soviet Academy of Sciences.

Changyu fine brandy appeared in the feature film Scout.

The National Wine and Wine Grape Variety Research Technical Collaboration was held in Yantai, and the company was selected as the vice-chairman of the “National Grape Cultivation and Wine Research Technical Collaboration Group” in Shandong Province.


“Yan 73″ and “Yan 74″ were bred by crossing Alicante Bouschet as female parent and Muscat Hamburg as male parent in Xishawang vineyard.

Participate in the “China Famous Liquor Exhibition” held in Hong Kong.


With the approval of Yantai Civil Air Defense Leading Group Office, a new wine cellar with combat readiness and air defense significance was built.

Seagull Group, founded by Malaysian Patriotic Overseas Chinese Chen Kaixi, has been affiliated with the Canton Fair and has continued its cooperative relationship to this day.


To organize and compile Red Wine Procedure Regulation, Changyu fine Brandy Procedure Regulation and Vermouth Procedure Regulation.


The play “In the Silence” has shown changyu fine brandy.

The grape raw material base reached 10 263 mu, and the annual output of grape wine reached 6927 tons.


On August 23, Marshal Ye Jianying visited West Shawan Vineyard.

After Vice Premier Yu Qiuli visited France and returned home, he sent a box of cider from France to his company as a research sample, hoping to make use of Yantai apple wine. From then on, we began to develop aerated cider.

Changyu fine Brandy, Red Rose and Vermouth were awarded “Chinese Famous Wine” again at the 3rd National Wine Evaluation Ceremony.


The trademark “Changyu fine Brandy” has been recognized as a famous trademark by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

Chinese Famous Liquor Chronicle published by China Tourism Publishing House includes Changyu fine brandy, vermouth, rose and red wine.


Changyu staff independently and innovatively studied “Yan 73″ and “Yan 74″ grape varieties through technical identification, and became the highest natural color varieties in the world.


Making commemorative brandy for Song Qingling Memorial Hall.

On April 22, the company resumed its original name as “Changyu Grape Wine Company”.

Establishment of Changyu Noble Dragon Central Laboratory.

Aerated cider was awarded the Excellent New Product Award by the Ministry of Light Industry.


“Grape Wine Making Professional Class” jointly organized with Yantai No. 4 Middle School, compiled textbooks “Wine Making Lectures”, “Wine Making Microorganisms Lectures” and “Yantai Brandy Procedure Regulations”.

M.A. Amerine, professor of wine brewing at the University of California, Davis, tasted Changyu Noble Dragon dry red during his visit to Beijing and praised its superior quality.

The Ministry of Light Industry has awarded Changyu Company the title of “Advanced Collective Scientific Research Work”.

At the 4th National Wine Judgment, Changyu fine Brandy, Rose Red Wine and Vermouth were awarded the 4th “Chinese Famous Wine”.

Liu Haisu and Shay Qiaoli, masters of Chinese painting, visited. Liu Haili inscribed “mellow fragrance, bright sunshine” and Shay Qiao inscribed “Delicious thinking, delicious thinking, delicious thinking”.


Xishan New Factory, covering 112 mu, has been put into operation.

On September 5, Rong Yiren, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress and Chairman of the Sixth Executive Committee of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, inspected Changyu Company.

Changyu Vermouth appeared in the film “Flower Ring under the Mountain” (director Xie Jin) reflecting the fight against Vietnam’s self-defence.


Four fermentation stations have been set up in Penglai, Huangxian, Yexian and Fushan to implement the strategy of “horizontal joint venture”, and “local acquisition and processing” has been realized.

Four groups of Charlande pot distillers were introduced from France.


It has been appraised as an advanced enterprise of light industry system in China.

Brandy is classified into XO and VSOP.


On June 15, Robert delot, President of the international grape and wine Organization (OIV), led a delegation to hold the “international wine and brandy Evaluation Seminar” in Yantai. Eight wines, including Noble Dragon, Riesling dry white and XO brandy, were highly appraised by Changyu company.

The International Grape and Wine Organization (OIV) awarded Yantai the honorary title of “International Grape Wine City”. The city emblem commemorative sculpture was built in the Fountain Square of Changyu Company.

Changyu Noble Dragon Red wine won the gold medal at the 25th Brussels World Quality Product Selection Conference.


Compilation and printing of “Procedure Regulations for Peach Red Wine Series Products”.

XO Brandy won the Gold Prize at the 26th World Quality Product Selection Conference in Athens.


The sales force expanded from 20 to more than 150.

In 1989, a sales company was established, a sales team was set up, 10 distribution offices were set up all over the country, and market-oriented sales management was strengthened.


To sponsor 1500 bottles of Riesling Dry White for the 11th Asian Games in Beijing.

On July 15, Mr. Ma Wanqi, a well-known businessman in Macau, visited and inspected the poem “A thousand cups of good wine and intimate friends taste, and wolf smoke has been clearly celebrated and leveled.” I’m not here to make Liu Ling drunk, but I still admire the name of Changyu in Yantai. ”


To carry out the renovation project of the old factory area.


On July 24, General Secretary Jiang Zemin inspected Changyu Company, inscribing “Canglang wants poetry, brewing can fragrance”.

People’s Daily (the 2nd edition of September 8, 1992) published a long newsletter “Rejuvenating Vigorous Spirit – Written on the Centenary of the Establishment of Changyu Grape Brewery Company”.

It has been granted the right to import and export by itself in foreign trade.


The registered trademark “Changyu” has been approved as a well-known trademark in China.

Comrade Hua Guofeng visited and encouraged by the inscription: “Give Yantai Changyu Grape Wine Company, continue to carry forward the spirit of patriotism, dedication, high quality and ambition, and achieve new and greater achievements.”


The annual sales revenue reached 340 million CNY, an increase of 82.2% over the previous year.

Entrusted by the textbook Office of the Ministry of Labor, the textbook Wine Production Technology, which is compiled by the National Employment Training and Brewing Specialty, was organized and compiled.


Selected China’s top 200 light industry enterprises.

Ten million yuan was invested in technological transformation.


For the first time, profits and taxes exceeded 100 million CNY.

We should seize the opportunity of “dry and red heat” and accelerate development so as to establish the leading position in the domestic market.


Changyu B shares are listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and become the first listed company in the domestic wine industry.

Participated in drafting the national standard “Brandy” (GB 1856-1997).


The company has passed ISO9000 quality management system certification.

1.3 million yuan was donated to the flood-stricken areas of the Yangtze River.

President Akayev of Kyrgyzstan visited.

We should seize the opportunity to upgrade the Chinese wine market and focus on promoting the first dry red brand in China, Changyu Noble Dragon, founded in 1931.


Changyu Noble Dragon Red wine was selected to attend “99 Paris Chinese Culture Week”.

The inscription of the bronze Yongdao of the Century Altar in Beijing is inscribed “In 1892, Zhang Bishi, an overseas Chinese, founded Changyu Grape Winery Company in Yantai, Shandong Province”.

Robert Castro, Director-General of the World Intellectual Property Protection Organization, visited.


Changyu A shares are listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, becoming the only listed company in the domestic wine industry with both A shares and B shares.

Profit and tax exceeded 300 million CNY.


Changyu Noble Dragon Dry Red was awarded the title of “Famous Brand of Chinese High Quality Wine” by China Food Industry Association.

The Prime Minister of Moldova, Vasili Tarlev, visited the country.


The first professional winery in China, Yantai Chateau Changyu Castel opened.

Changyu and 16 other enterprises were solemnly elected as the most internationally competitive Chinese enterprises by the “China Famous Brand Forum”. In Beijing, they jointly issued the “Beijing Declaration to march towards world famous brands”.


Changyu Technology Center is recognized by the State Economic and Trade Commission as the first state-level enterprise technology center in the domestic wine industry.

The Ministry of Personnel has approved the establishment of postdoctoral research workstations in Changyu Technology Center.


Yan Su’s lyrics, Gu Jianfen’s music and Changyu’s song “Grape Wine Never Nights” first sung by Tong Tiexin were born.

“Make an appointment with China – Jack Welch Welcome Banquet” chooses Chateau Changyu Castel Gernischt Dry Red as the banquet wine. Subsequently, Chateau Changyu Castel Gernischt Dry Red has successively become designated wines for business events such as “Boao Forum for Asia”, “World Mayor Forum”, “China Business Leaders Summit Forum”.

On August 6, Comrade Zhu Rongji and his wife Lao An visited Changyu Company.


On October 20, the honorary chairman of the Kuomintang, Mr. Lian Zhan, and his wife, Ms. Lian Fang Er, visited Changyu Company. Mr. Lian Zhan happily inscribed “I am drunk and rejuvenated, and forget the opportunity altogether”.

Changyu Liquor Culture Museum is among the first batch of national industrial tourism demonstration sites, listing national AAAA-level tourist attractions.

On 12 November, the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, Anna Tibaijuka, visited the United Nations.

Changyu’s restructuring project has been approved by SASASAC and Ministry of Commerce: Yantai SASAC, Italian Ilva Company, the International Finance Corporation under the World Bank and the company formed by Changyu’s employees have joint ownership, and Changyu Group has become a mixed ownership enterprise with diversified equity.


The quality grade system of Changyu wine was established, which was divided into master grade, treasure grade, special grade and preferred grade from high to low.

We have signed a cooperation agreement with the Canadian Oros Ice Wine Co., Ltd. to establish Changyu Gold Ice Valley Ice Wine by Huanlong Lake, Huanren County, Liaoning Province.

It was selected as the first batch of “old Chinese brands” published by the Ministry of Commerce.


On June 6, Beijing Chateau Changyu AFIP officially opened.

The Cabernet Production Center, with an annual capacity of 30,000 tons, has been declared completed and a modern filling line capable of filling 15,000 bottles per hour has been put into operation.

“Ambassador’s Wine Storage Territory in China” was unveiled in the underground cellar of Beijing Chateau Changyu AFIP.


Changyu Noble Dragon Dry Red wine was selected as one of the top 30 wine brands in the world at the 9th SIAL International Food and Beverage Exhibition.

The window of Changyu International Wine City, Asia’s first wine theme park integrated with Yantai Chateau Changyu Castel, is officially open to tourists.


The scientific research project “The determination of characteristic aroma components of snake dragon pearl grape and its influence on wine flavor” has been identified by experts.

The All-China Federation of Trade Unions awarded Changyu Group the National May 1 Labor Award.

The window of Changyu International Wine City (including Yantai Changyukast Winery) has been awarded the national AAAA class tourist attraction.


At the opening ceremony of Shanghai World Expo, Cabernet Sauvignon Dry Red and Chardonnay Dry White were selected for the welcome banquet of Beijing Chateau Changyu AFIP.

The Shandong Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo exhibits the original gold medal won by Changyu Company at Panama Pacific World Expo (San Francisco World Expo) in 1915.

Introduce RFID product traceability system.

Beijing Chateau Changyu AFIP has been awarded National AAAA Tourist Scenic Spot.

The 90th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China film “The Great Cause of Founding the Party” in Beijing Chateau Changyu AFIP Vineyard.


The third BRICS Summit, the High-level Seminar on the International Monetary System of the Group of 20 (G20), the 26th World University Games and other important meetings feasted wine, using Cabernet Sauvignon dry red and Chardonnay dry white from Beijing Changyu Eiffelburg Winery.

Drinks International ranked the top 50 wines in the world.

Drinks International ranked the top 50 wines in the world.


Waitrose, a British Royal winemaker, first introduced Changyu Noble Dragon Dry Red.

On September 5, space hero Yang Liwei visited the Changyu Wine Culture Museum.

Forbes magazine published its cover story “Old Winery, New Market: The Rapid Increase of Chinese Consumers Provides Power for Changyu” in August.


Chateau changyu baron balboa in Xinjiang, Chateau Changyu Moser XV Winery in Ningxia and Changyuruina Castle Winery in Shaanxi have opened one after another.

Changyu Liquor Cellar has been listed in the seventh batch of national key cultural relics protection units.

The acquisition of Roullet-Fransac was initiated in 1838.

Founded in 1698, the British Royal Winemaker BBR established a permanent counter for Changyu Wine.


Sky TV broadcasts the special film “Chinese Wine Suits the Queen” which interviews Changyu Golden Ice Valley Ice Winery.

With the debut of the micro film “Hi, Mr. Drunken Poetry Immortal”, Changyu drunk Poetry Immortal series wine was officially on the market.

Chateau Changyu rena Winery in Shaanxi Province was selected as the national AAAA class tourist attraction.


Marqu s de Atrio was acquired in Rioja, Spain.

Marching into Bordeaux, France, to acquire Chteau Mirefleurs.

Changyu koya XO won the gold medal at the Brussels International Spirit Awards.

Changyu Pioneer Wine Training Institute has obtained the qualification of WSET (British Wine and Spirit Education Foundation) as an official authorized institution.

Ningxia Chateau Changyu Moser XV Vineyard and Chateau changyu baron balboa Vineyard were awarded national AAAA class tourist attractions.


On May 25, World Cabernet Gernischt Day, initiated by Changyu Company, was officially launched. For the first time, China had a festival named after grape varieties.

The Hangzhou G20 Summit welcoming banquet selected Cabernet Sauvignon Dry Red and Chardonnay Dry White from Beijing Chateau Changyu AFIP.

Delta R2 optical sorter was introduced from France by Chateau Changyu Moser XV in Ningxia.

On July 8, Nobel Prize winner Mo Yan visited the Changyu Wine Culture Museum.

Changyu ranked fourth in the “Top Ten Best-selling Wine Brands in the World” list published by British Drinks Business magazine.

The first phase of Changyu International Wine City project, which lasted nearly five years, has been put into operation. With a total investment of 5 billion yuan, the winery has 2,500 mu of vineyards, production centers, wine research institutes and two specialized wineries, including Dinolotte and Coya Brandy. Among them, the production center with an area of 270,000 square meters is one of the largest single winery in the world.


Enter Chile’s Casablanca Valley to acquire Indmita.

Changyu’s five-star gold medal brandy is listed on the market with the theme of “the taste that can’t be drunk in less than forty years”.

Ningxia  Chateau Changyu Moser XV has entered TESCO, Britain’s largest supermarket chain.

Changyu Golden Ice Valley Ice Wine Winery, Liaoning Province, won the special gold medal of the 2017 International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) with a high score of 93 points plus in 2015, and was awarded the “Chinese Wine of the Year” trophy.

Changyu was selected as the first batch of “China’s National Industrial Tourism Demonstration Base”


China International Import Fair (Shanghai Expo) welcomes the selection of Chardonnay Dry White and Cabernet Sauvignon Dry Red from Beijing Chateau Changyu AFIP. Up to now, Everburg Wine has been on the national banquet table more than 40 times.

Changyu’s five-star gold medal brandy won the gold medal in the Brussels International Spirits Competition.

Yantai Changyu Castel “Water and Fertilizer Integration” project started.

Among the “Young People’s Favorite Drinking Brands” listed in “Daycat Drinking Online Consumption Data Report 2018″, Changyu ranked first among the wine brands.

Marching into Claire Valley, Australia, to acquire Kilikanoon Estate.

Put forward the “triple focus” development strategy: focusing on high quality, focusing on high-end, focusing on large items.

Changyu Wine Town opened its garden, and combined with Changyu Wine Culture Museum and Changyu Castel to form a “one-day tour of Changyu” wine theme tour route.


Regina Vandelina, president of the International Organisation for Grapes and Wine (OIV), unveiled a sculpture wall to commemorate the birthplace of China’s wine industry.

In 2015, Chateau Changyu Moser XV Dry Red was awarded the Golden Prize of the German MUNDUS VINI World Wine Competition and was named “Best Chinese Wine”. At present, the products of Changyu Moser XV Vineyard in Ningxia have been exported to 35 countries and regions.

Changyu Noble Dragon Dry Red was selected as “TOP 5″ of the world’s best-selling wine brand in 2019.

Changyu Koya has won the world brandy XO blind competition with 93.8 points for 15 years.

Yantai Changyu Castel Winery Chardonnay Dry White won the gold medal in the 26th Brussels International Wine Grand Prix.

Establish the president class of Changyu Business School.

Acquisition of Chteau Liversan in France.

The first professional brandy winery in China, Chateau Changyu Koya Brandy , has officially opened. The Brandy Research Institute of China is located in Chateau Changyu Koya Brandy.

Start digital transformation, including vineyard management digitalization, production digitalization, sales digitalization, marketing digitalization.

According to the Globalization Report of Chinese Enterprise Brands released by Xinhua News Agency Looking Think Tank, Zhang Yu and Rafi scored 0.064 and 0.068 in the global market in the past year, while Zhang Yu’s global brand fever was comparable to Rafi’s.

Yantai Changyu Dinglott Winery Fangrong is emerging and will open soon.

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