Media Coverage

In 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition, four wines of Changyu——Koya Brandy, Red Rose Wine, Vermouth and Riesling White Wine respectively won four gold medals of A Class and D Class and the prime quality certificate.

In 1987, on the 25th Brussels World High-quality Product Selection Conference held in Belgium,Changyu Noble Dragon won the gold medal in the competition with multiple famous wines from America and Europe.

On SAWA 2005 of Wine & Dine, Changyu Noble Dragon won the title of “Best Red Wine in Asia” .

 In 2008 at SIAL France International Wine and Spirits Tasting Meeting, Changyu Noble Dragon was selected as top 30 "Finest Global Wine Brands" , being the only wine  brand with this honor in Asia.

In 2011,the icewine of Changyu Golden Icewine Valley won a prize at the Decanter World Wine Awards

In May 2016,Liaoning Changyu Golden Icewine Valley Diamond Level Icewine 2014 won the silver medal of 2016 IWSC.

4 wines of Changyu won the silver prize in the competition of Concours Mondial de Bruxelles in 2016

Daily Mail reported that owned by Changyu which is the largest wine production and operation enterprise in China, Changyu Noble Dragon now is sold in Spain

In 2014,Sky News of British TV station reported that “China’s Fine  Wine That’s Fit for the Queen”.

In 2017, “Drink Business” reported that Changyu was the only Chinese wine producer which is going abroad fully and selling its products well in Europe now.

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